Adding lighting to your garden can bring a whole new atmosphere to your little outside world.

You can use lighting to make a show pieces out of a water feature or stone statue, even adding simple lighting to the edge of path ways and decking can transform your garden at night time.

Bt there is no need to stop there, our lighting section covers the ever popular solar lights and beautiful wrap around tree lights which are not just for christmas!

Garden Lighting Examples

Lets take a look at some examples of garden lighting done right, this should get your imagination going!

Garden Fence Lights This luxurious looking garden make use of higher than average fencing which keeps it private.

They also use fence lights that shine down on the fence panels and into the plants below, which adds to the feeling of space.

You will also see a couple of wall lights next to the patio doors and finally some lights placed either side of the step, which are hidden from view by the plant life.


Solar Garden Path Lights

This garden path is so some you can easily do this in an afternoon.

I don’t know exactly which lights they are using but I would have a guess at solar rock lights, or at least that would be my choice.

They require no mains electricity as they are powered by the sun. They are also relatively cheap to buy and you can position them wherever you choose.

The way the light is case over the sandstone of the pathway makes a wide path seem even wider, combine that with the slight grassed embankment they have either side and it really makes this an inviting path to walk down in the evening!


Pathway Rope Lighting

Now this is one of my favourite garden lighting cheats.

Is super simple to do yourself, however it does require mains power, however if you can install an outdoor all weather electric socket then this is a great way to light up pathways and lawn edges.

They have used led rope lighting, which you can pick up online relatively cheaply. It requires zero maintenance and it weatherproof, so it will last a good while.

The biggest plus is it’s flexibility, as you can see in this picture they have long curved border edges and the use the rope lighting to add a pleasant glow which is cast onto the stone boarder.

One tip I have if you go this route would be to have the lights on a timer so they don’t stay on all night if you forget to turn them off! This is a great option if you are on a budget.