There’s nothing better than sitting out in your garden of an evening, or in the weekend sunshine sipping your favourite drink. What makes this possible is having some fantastic garden furniture to sit on, store things in, and things that just make your garden life that so much simpler and easier.

Don’t under estimate the need to do your research, I’ve bought some shabby products in the past just because the price and timing was right. I ended up regretting all of them.

I don’t know about you, but with the myriad of products available nowadays, I find it hard to keep up. That’s when I started to document my findings on this site for all to see and use.

I have friends who work in garden centres, DIY stores and a number of the big brand retailers. They all give me a heads up when a sale is coming along so I can pick up anything I need for my garden.

This section of the site covers many types of garden furniture, from table and chairs, to garden storage boxes, swing seats, love seats and even kids garden furniture! We even showcase and review protective covers for your furniture…after all, what use is it having lovely garden goodies if you don’t look after it.